High Bilirubin Levels In Adults

Bilirubin is one of the byproduct processed by the liver as a waste. If the liver is not functioning appropriately, accumulation of the bilirubin may go to higher level in the body.

What causes high level of bilirubin in adults?


  • The failure of the liver
  • Infections of the gall bladder
  • Gilbert syndrome
  • Medications like pain killers, birth control pills and antibiotics.
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Blockage of bile ducts
  • Allergy of blood transfusion
  • Hepatitis
  • Sickle cell anemia




There are common symptoms exposed by high level of bilirubin in adults. These symptoms include; yellowing of eyes and the skin, fatigue, dark-colored urine, vomiting and nausea.


To diagnose, blood test is done in order to monitor its level in adults. Urinalysis is not the best method to test bilirubin levels, unless a patient has in one or another conjugated bilirubin.

Males have been found to have lower bilirubin levels compared to females. This research was done the American Association for Clinical Chemistry. It also found that African Americans have lower bilirubin levels compared to other races.


Before treatment is good to note that it is a natural byproduct which results from the breakdown of RBC-red blood cells. It is processed by liver then excreted in the same way like other body waste. Bilirubin is found in the blood but elevated levels will show that the liver is not functioning properly.

The treatment depends on the cause of the elevated bilirubin levels. It includes liver transplant and medical prescription.  Taking medical history is also important. It can assist in pinpointing the source of the increased levels, enabling easy treatment of the disorder.  For instance, the treatment of a person with an alcohol abuse history will be different to the one with no such history. A person with Gilbert’s Syndrome will not require much medical attention compared to the one in which their bile ducts have blocked. Medical conditions are known to increase the bilirubin level in the blood. It is good to avoid habit that may result to elevated bilirubin levels in your body such as drug and alcohol abuse.

How Much Sodium Should You Consume Per Day?

Sodium, unlike other minerals, has a distinct and appealing taste.
It is commonly found in table salt, which is 40% sodium.
The other portion of table salt is made of chloride.
Sodium plays a huge role in leading a healthy lifestyle.
People that don’t consume enough sodium in their diet on a daily basis won’t be able to maintain healthy fluid levels and it may have a negative impact on the way muscles is functioning.
On the other hand, a consumption of too much sodium every day will put you at risk for kidney disease, high blood pressure, and there is a chance that your body may even experience an inability to properly absorb the sodium you consume.

The recommended intake of sodium is 2000 mg per day.
Reducing your sodium intake can be easily achieved by eating less of the following foods:

  •      Salty and Smoke Fish (anchovies, caviar, dried fish, smoked salmon, sardines, herring)
  •      Snack/Junk Food (potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, salted nuts, crackers)
  •      Condiments (season salts, Worcestershire, soy, barbecue, ketchup, mustard, teriyaki, mustard)
  •      Cheese
  •      Salad Dressing
  •      Low-fat milk
  •      Soups (canned or instant)

You should also check the labels before purchasing canned items to make sure they do not contain added salt.
Look for organic, all-natural and salt-free options when buying vegetables and tomato sauces that are packaged.

Best Shoulder Exercises Using Dumbbells

Most men have a need for robust shoulders thereby leading to the desire to learn about the top five best shoulder exercises.

The importance of sturdy shoulders is seen among athletes, perhaps, more than any other group of people.

Any exercises on the shoulders, is usually targeted at the muscles known as deltoids.

These are the main shoulder muscles which all exercises should be geared towards building and enhancing.

The fact that these shoulder muscles respond very well to any workout that is focused entirely on it makes these exercises all the more attractive.

The top 5 best shoulder exercises are those which target all the three areas of these muscles; the posterior, anterior and medial areas of these deltoid muscles.

These exercises will require you to go to the gym since the tools used to target them are found there.

Some of the finest exercises in this regard include:

  • Barbell upright row
  • bent over lateral raise
  • Dumbbell side raise
  • Bent over rows
  • standing military press

Barbell upright row is listed as one of the top 5 finest shoulder exercises since it focuses on strengthening all the three important areas of the muscles in this part within the body.

It is significant to grip the upright rows as narrowly as is possible. The bar needs to be pulled up as close to the chin as is possible.

While doing this, you need to make sure that your elbows have been flared out as widely as is possible. Do these exercises repeatedly in order to develop the muscles properly.

Experts believe that the EZ bars are to be used here rather than their straight counterparts.

Dumbbell side raises are known to have the foremost effect on the medial deltoids, and this is what makes them make the list of the top 5five best shoulder exercises. The main benefit that you will derive from this exercise is that your shoulders will be broadened.

This exercise is known by another name as well, side lateral raise. In this method, you lift two dumbbells from the sides of your body until they reach the shoulder height.

You need to use dumbbells that are easy to carry. Once you lift them to your shoulder height, lower them to their original position and repeat this.

If you are in need of a top 5five best shoulder exercise which targets the posterior deltoids and the surrounding muscles, the bent over lateral raise will do wonders.

This exercise is known as bent-over rows as well. Under this exercise, you should be seated down and ensure that your chest rest on the knees.

The dumbbells are to be lifted just from under your thighs and raised until they are in the same line as the shoulder.

Bent over rows can be done with barbells while standing although bent over, as the name suggests.

Raise the barbells up to your chest.

The advantage of using the bent-over rows exercise is that it not only develops your shoulders but focuses on the triceps and forearms as well. While doing this exercise, you have to take care and ensure that your back is not only straight, but is kept tensed throughout these sessions.

You need to observe the weights of the barbells. Too much weight may cause havoc on your back and shoulders.

If you pay a lot of attention on your anterior deltoids and ignore the posterior, you develop postural problems. Bent over rows and bent over lateral raise help balance your muscles.


The standing military press is listed as another top 5five best shoulder exercise, although a lot of care is recommended when carrying it out. It is advisable to pay close attention to the weights of the equipments used in these exercises. It is best not to lift heavy weights, which are above and beyond what you can carry with ease. After all, these exercises are designed to make your shoulder strong and free of injuries. If you use heavy weights, you stand the chance of making them prone to injury or making them open to attack from the forces of wear thus unable to move.

The standing military press needs the barbells to be used behind the head.

These should then be raised over the head in a method referred to as clean and press. If you have had previous shoulder injuries, you need to take care that the injury does not recur. If you try this out the first time and appear to be struggling, it is advisable to remove some of the weight from the bar.

In case you suffered previous shoulder injuries, it is best to carry this exercise with the barbells in front of your face, rather than behind your head.

Your safety is paramount in these exercises.

All the top 5five best shoulder exercises should be done in sets of six thrice during every session. You should make sure that you do not swing the barbells or the dumbbells during these exercise sessions as this will mean that you are using the moment of the weights, and your muscles are not getting the requisite training which they need to develop them.

If you feel that your back needs to rest while doing some of these exercises, such as the standing military press, you should sit down.

It is crucial not to aggravate or put yourself at risk of suffering any more injury to your body.

Dumbbell shrugs are considered to be effective shoulder exercises as well. This simply involves you lifting some barbells or dumbbells on the side of your body and then shrugging your shoulders continuously. The dumbbells used here should be those which are the heaviest in the gym and need to be raised at arm’s length along the sides of your body, on either side. It is advisable that you do not rotate the joint. Simply lift and drop your shoulders continuously.

This exercise produces greater results where you go for as many reps as you are able to manage.

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How To Lose Fat, Not Muscle – 4 Smart Strategies To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle

In your journey to lose fat, it can be very easy to lose your hard earned muscle mass. Low calorie diets and excessive exercise especially makes it very difficult to maintain the perfect ratio between body fat and muscle. But don’t despair with the help of these 4 strategies, you can ensure that you maintain your lean muscle mass while still losing fat.

Consume the right amount and type of calories

Consuming too little calories can eat away quickly at your lean muscle mass. When your body’s calorie supply are low, it starts to eat away at the heaviest thing – your muscles. That’s why it’s so difficult to lose weight and not muscle mass.


The solution? Make sure that you consume enough calories for your specific requirements and just enough to lose fat and not muscle. An easy way to do this is to calculate your specific calories that you need to sustain your weight and to eat about 500 calories below that number for optimal fat loss. You can calculate your daily caloric requirements here – http://www.muscleandstrength.com/tools/bmranddailycaloriecalculator.html


And also make sure that you eat 6 small balanced meals every day that includes foods from all the food groups for best results. For faster weight loss you can try and skip the carbs in the evening and have only salad or veg.

Regular weight training is key

Regular weight training sessions are paramount to maintaining your lean muscle mass and losing fat. One of the easiest and best ways to burn fat is to replace the same amount of fat with muscle. That’s where weight training comes in – weight training is one of the only ways to build lean muscle mass. And doing regular weight training sessions (about 3-4 a week) will help you to lose fat, not muscle.


Adding in 20 minutes of cardio after your weight training session will help you to burn the maximum amount of fat. This is because weight training depletes your glycogen stores, which then  forces you to burn fat to power your cardio workout.

Eat the right snack before and after workouts

Low calorie diets and inadequate pre and post workout snacks can burn away your precious muscle mass quickly. Your muscles need to be feeded regularly with the right snacks and nutrients to maintain and build on their strength.


Eating a snack of protein and carbs right before and after working out can help to speed up muscle growth and recovery. It’s best to eat as soon as you can after your workout to prevent breakdown of muscle mass. My favorite after workout snack is a healthy whey protein smoothie with a frozen banana and 1 tablespoon oat bran.

Include protein with each meal

Another vital strategy in your arsenal to lose fat, not muscle is to include one healthy protein source in each of your meals. Muscle growth is triggered by protein rich foods. Every time that you eat protein it stimulates a burst of protein synthesis that helps build even more muscle. Eat 30 grams for protein and that period lasts for longer (about three hours.)


The best protein sources for fat loss is leaner proteins for example lean chicken meat, eggs, fat free dairy products,whey protein powder, turkey, ostrich and lean red meat.


With the help of these tips,  you can lose fat while building lean muscle mass. Just implement these strategies and you will easily lose fat, not muscle.