Metabolic Training – Tips For An Explosive Workout


If you are the kind of guy or gal that likes to maximize your time in the gym and get explosive results, metabolic training is for you. Just be warned, you need to be pretty fit to do proper metabolic training.

If you are new to metabolic workout techniques, you can start out slow and build yourself up with the help of these tips. Let’s first have a look at what exactly it is, the benefits and then move on how you can use metabolic exercise techniques for maximum results.

What is metabolic training?

Metabolic training is basically doing compound exercises with little or no rest in between sets. This is in order to maximize your calorie burn and to increase the metabolic rate during and after your workout.


Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories. So while doing a metabolic workout, you will increase the rate that your body burns calories during and even after your workout. This makes metabolic training very effective for fat and weight loss, and especially for muscle building.

Examples of exercises

As said above, metabolic workouts use compound exercises. Don’t know what compound exercises are? Compound exercises are where you use more than 1 muscle group in one exercise. For example you would train your quads at the same time that you train your shoulders.

Typical examples of metabolic type exercises would include:

  • Squat and press combo (works your quads and shoulders)
  • Deadlift and upright row combo (works your hamstrings and back)
  • Lunge and bicep curl combo (works your legs and biceps)
  • Jump squats/lunges with weights (trains the lower body)
  • Hang Clean & Press (works the upper body)
  • Kettlebell swings (works whole body)

The benefits of metabolic training techniques

As you can imagine, intense workouts like metabolic training burn a lot more calories per hour than your typical sit-down exercises. In return you burn a lot of fat faster, your metabolism is boosted for hours afterwards and you build lean muscle mass fast.


Metabolic workouts are also suited for various fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, lose fat or increase your muscle mass, metabolic training will achieve that goal.


It’s also a great way to boost your fitness levels as various studies have revealed that metabolic training increases your VO2max (maximum oxygen volume intake) more effectively than other workout.

Metabolic training tips

Metabolic training should be taken seriously. If not you might not get the results you want or you may end up hurting yourself. These tips will help you get the most out of your metabolic workouts:

Start slow if you are a beginner

Some metabolic workouts are so intense that they can make you nauseous and some can seriously injure you. If you are a beginner, start slow and work yourself up.

Make sure your workouts are high intensity

Metabolic training should always be high intensity. How do you know it’s intense enough without breaking your back? It must make you sweat and leave you out of breath. It’s the complete opposite of just sitting on an exercise chair and lifting. If you can’t complete one set without proper form, it’s best to use a slightly lower weight at first.

Aim to lift your heaviest

You should aim to lift as heavy as you can without compromising your form and risking injuries. Keep a journal of your weight loads and aim to increase it every time you do your metabolic workouts.

Always eat the right snack before and after a workout

As metabolic exercise routines are very intense, it’s vitally important to eat the right snacks before and after your workouts.  Eating a snack of protein and carbs right before and after working out speeds up muscle growth and recovery.


Make sure that you always have a healthy snack before and after working out. My favorite pre-workout snack is a hard boiled egg and an apple and for post-workout I like to have a banana whey smoothie with added oat bran.


Metabolic training can really give you the results that you need from your time in the gym.

Have fun with your metabolic workouts and be sure to implement these tips to get the best results possible!


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