Cooking Light Banana Bread

Light banana is a nutritious, healthy and tasty meal. It uses ingredients that are available almost everywhere and which are affordable to many people. What you need to prepare this meal is one cup of sugar, a quarter cup of softened butter, a cup of smashed very ripe bananas which is equivalent of three small banans, quarter a cup of fat free milk, two eggs, two cups flour, half a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking powder and finally quarter a cup of low fat sour cream. Before baking the bread you are advised to preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees.

Combine the sugar and butter and add all the wets which include the milk, the sour cream and eggs into one large bowl.

Beat at medium speed of an electric mixer until well blended. Put the rest ingredients which include the flour and bananas into another bowl and mix until it’s all moistened. Mix all the ingredients and pour it to a greased pan.

You can either divide it to bake four small loaves or you can put into one pan to bake one large bread. Allow the content to bake for forty five to seventy minutes and it will be ready. Allow it to cool for around ten minutes in a pan or on a wire rack. Remove from pan and cool completely on a wire rack.

Loaves should be baked for thirty five minutes and muffins should take only eighteen minutes. This meal is ideal when served for breakfast served with fruits and a cup of tea or milk .this bread is low in cholesterol and therefore can be used by people who are not fun of the regular bread due to issues like weight.

The problem with it is that it has a lot of sugar making it not favorable to people who do not like a lot of sugar. Some chefs bake this bread without butter or oil making it healthier but the taste remains almost the same and it is very hard to differentiate between the two.

This also makes it cheaper to prepare.

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