How To Lose Fat, Not Muscle – 4 Smart Strategies To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle

In your journey to lose fat, it can be very easy to lose your hard earned muscle mass. Low calorie diets and excessive exercise especially makes it very difficult to maintain the perfect ratio between body fat and muscle. But don’t despair with the help of these 4 strategies, you can ensure that you maintain your lean muscle mass while still losing fat.

Consume the right amount and type of calories

Consuming too little calories can eat away quickly at your lean muscle mass. When your body’s calorie supply are low, it starts to eat away at the heaviest thing – your muscles. That’s why it’s so difficult to lose weight and not muscle mass.


The solution? Make sure that you consume enough calories for your specific requirements and just enough to lose fat and not muscle. An easy way to do this is to calculate your specific calories that you need to sustain your weight and to eat about 500 calories below that number for optimal fat loss. You can calculate your daily caloric requirements here –


And also make sure that you eat 6 small balanced meals every day that includes foods from all the food groups for best results. For faster weight loss you can try and skip the carbs in the evening and have only salad or veg.

Regular weight training is key

Regular weight training sessions are paramount to maintaining your lean muscle mass and losing fat. One of the easiest and best ways to burn fat is to replace the same amount of fat with muscle. That’s where weight training comes in – weight training is one of the only ways to build lean muscle mass. And doing regular weight training sessions (about 3-4 a week) will help you to lose fat, not muscle.


Adding in 20 minutes of cardio after your weight training session will help you to burn the maximum amount of fat. This is because weight training depletes your glycogen stores, which then  forces you to burn fat to power your cardio workout.

Eat the right snack before and after workouts

Low calorie diets and inadequate pre and post workout snacks can burn away your precious muscle mass quickly. Your muscles need to be feeded regularly with the right snacks and nutrients to maintain and build on their strength.


Eating a snack of protein and carbs right before and after working out can help to speed up muscle growth and recovery. It’s best to eat as soon as you can after your workout to prevent breakdown of muscle mass. My favorite after workout snack is a healthy whey protein smoothie with a frozen banana and 1 tablespoon oat bran.

Include protein with each meal

Another vital strategy in your arsenal to lose fat, not muscle is to include one healthy protein source in each of your meals. Muscle growth is triggered by protein rich foods. Every time that you eat protein it stimulates a burst of protein synthesis that helps build even more muscle. Eat 30 grams for protein and that period lasts for longer (about three hours.)


The best protein sources for fat loss is leaner proteins for example lean chicken meat, eggs, fat free dairy products,whey protein powder, turkey, ostrich and lean red meat.


With the help of these tips,  you can lose fat while building lean muscle mass. Just implement these strategies and you will easily lose fat, not muscle.



How To Speed Up Weight Loss Naturally

There are many commercials that promise people an opportunity of getting slim quickly using manufactured products. But what they don’t tell you is that some of these products have very adverse side effects to users.

Especially when applied for long periods of time and without proper direction from a medic.

Organic weight loss interventions are not only cost effective but would work well to address this issue, without the beneficiary ever complaining about side effects of utility. This article discuses some of the benefits you would get on making use of organic treatment methods. Weight gain may be caused by many factors, even though the common one is sedentary lifestyle.

This includes taking excessive calories., But in case you truly wish to shed off weight, then it’s good to change some few things in your life.

You need to have healthy, well balanced food diet while maintaining stable physical routine exercises. And the most appropriate part in this equation is that these programs may be taken right from your very own home.

Simple dietary tips to consider!

  • Users don’t have to indulge in crash diets related to losing weight as natural solutions are self sufficient. Just follow through basic programs of therapy and all would be well. Making your mind on the best way forward shall also be of great help.
  • It’s quite an important aspect that would ensure you have nothing but the best possible outcome. Those that make indifferent efforts on losing weight never go far. As such grow a stable willpower. And they would have major impact on helping you attain all goals that had been set.
  • Apart from that you need to completely give up foods rich in calorie content. There are some foods that include high calorie content though devoid of essential vitamins & building block nutrients. Various fast food desserts like burgers, aerated drinks, pastries and also processed foods are included within this special category.
  •  Such foods need to be restrained by all means possible in case you’re serious concerning attaining your dreams. One popular food crave herb is refereed to as Hoodia Gordonii that would work wonders in cutting back ones appetite. This natural cacti shrub is solicited from Africa and can be found in fine powder variety within the marketplace. Nonetheless, there are other organic supplements not listed here that could as well be identified.


Take considerable portions of water:  It would fill your stomach within the shortest time possible while also curbing hunger.

Taking a single water glass before main meals would suppress your appetite sufficiently.

Jade leafy veggies: These include vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and even lettuce.  They also have significant portions of fiber that would be of value in rising up ones blood content, while at the same time preventing formation of coagulated sugar content. Counting green vegetables within your diet can be a fit method of losing weight since the products don’t have calories or excessive fats.

Flaxseed: it has sufficient portions of omega III and other fibers which would be of great assistance in cutting back one’s craving. Raw flaxseed components are more beneficial and may even be incorporated in salads, pure smoothies & vegetables.

Apples: They contain quite high content on fiber. Moreover, it would take much longer to eat an apple thereby sending signals over to your brain saying the stomach’s already full. Thus, eating you raw apple piece everyday would help a lot in regard to suppression of appetite.

Salads: There is a special category on salads believed as the very best in cutting back food craves. Getting a full bowl of organic salad made from cucumber, cabbage or celery would fill-up your stomach. And thus curb any hunger on extensive intake. You should also stay off salad dressings such that you could avoid taking surplus calories.

Green Tea: This solution contains potent chemicals which curb all kinds of food cravings or even hunger. Taking a full cup of this is suggested for weight loss projects.

Oatmeal: It has same effects as flaxseed, and contains high amounts of fiber while slowing down carbohydrate infiltration. Having oatmeal for breakfast can be a special way of repressing appetite while also losing up weight ordinarily.
Maintaining a rich fiber content in your meal plan

Along with these mentioned varieties, other important appetite draw backs are almonds, wasabi salmon & even chicken soup. Nonetheless, one still has to remember that having these meals frequently could result in several vitamin deficiency disorders. Always balance your meals with considerable rations of veggies and fruits. It’s especially

True for those suffering chronic diseases and need to be placed on responsive dessert plan to help improve their situation.  For you to completely benefit from such programs it would also be good to maintain a stable supplement and pills program. This has to be taken regularly for the perfect outcome. On the same note you should also remember that taking healthy meals go together with sufficient exercising. All appetite suppressant pills need to be consumed only as per a physician’s instructions. This is the only way your meal plan would be able to bear meaningful results.

Take good note on your general calorie food intake. All fats deposited within your body can be tied to extreme calorie meals. If for instance one has 2000 calories per given day but just burns 1500 calories, all surplus calories would be deposited within your body and result in contingencies. Always maintain a thorough check up on all calories. Incorporate Fiber-rich meals within your diet to improve on healthy muscle tissue.

They would be of great help in ensuring that your body stays in good position. This essentially means if you’re taking them regularly sooner than later one would be taking less quantity of other foods.

Why this is the best solution against excess body fat!

Fiber meals help with removal of all waste products from ones body system. As such the best means in which you can lose unnecessary weight would be having high content fiber desserts. That includes oranges, spinach, bananas, sweet corn and even carrots just to mention but some few of them. Also take time to sip considerable rations of water. The best option is having one whole gallon per day.

Water shall be of great help in improvement of digestion. It removes all toxic wastes away from your body’s system, and is also used in suppressing unconstructive hunger pangs while keeping major organs within your body well hydrated. This would be of great value in keeping all body organs in perfect working condition for sufficient functioning. Apart from this it would make senses to have some tepid water at intervals to fasten process of breaking down all unconstructive body fats.  It would also ensure waste products accumulation is well balanced.

Always have balanced diets to ensure that the desserts you have worked with ultimate probability. Excessive starvation and crash diets wouldn’t help you achieve all goals that could have been set. Along with that it’s good to maintain balanced diet such that your dietary plan would be able to bear meaningful fruits. This is a very unique meal plan that would help enrich your body with sufficient iron, fiber, vitamins and other essentials needed for it to be as healthy as can be.  They are very important points of notice to those that are serious with maintaining a perfect body. Many weight loss programs do recommend Carbohydrates to completely be hoarded from meal plans. But don’t blindly follow through this advice since it can be miscellaneous. This perspective entirely depends upon the stage of calorie surplus one is experiencing.

Complex carbohydrates should come from natural products like brown rice, bread, common cereals, beans & even lentils. All proteins must be rooted from healthy meals including eggs, lean meat & even fish. All red meat must completely be removed from the diet. Another significant tip related to loss of weight is engaging in regular exercises.

How to go about the whole process

Some cardiovascular exercises like aerobics, jogging, swimming & even cycling must be undertaken everyday, since they would help to lose weight evenly within all angles of your body.

They also need to be pooled with regular exercising that would ensure all body parts have well been balanced.

It would be of great value in strengthening up and also toning muscles within specific areas of your body.

Weight exercise, suppleness and even quality resistance training must be integrated within the work out regimen.

But all these have to be done with great guidance & also supervision coming from your trained expert.

As such, when you have the capacity then hire up a professional trainer that would teach you helpful weight loss workouts. Alternatively you may get a few exercising videos from your local store and learn a few basics from them.

Users need to have just 5 sizable meals per given day and not three as is the norm. Take heavy breakfast that’s high on eggs, fruits, cereals and even little-fat milk supply.

Dinner has to be very light and must be consumed 2-3hrs before ones retires to bed. It would have a very major impact on ensuring that is in a position of maintain a healthy body. This would have great impact with ensuring that the dietician has nothing but the best outcome. Salt intake would also result in excessive weight gain. This should sufficiently be looked into if any meaningful outcome is to be achieved in that diet plan.  2/3 your general diet plan must be composed of veggies & fruits.

Foods That Burn Fat – The top 4 Types Of Fat Burner Foods

If you thought that foods that burn fat is a myth, I’ve got good news for you. Fat burning foods really do exist and if you include those foods smartly in your diet, you can really speed up your fat loss.


Burning fat foods comes in 4 different categories. For best results include foods from each category into your diet plan. Let’s have a look at those type of foods that burn fat:

Lean Protein

Lean protein is one of the best fat burning foods there is. It burns the most amount of calories than any other nutrient and has the highest thermogenic factor of any food group. This thermogenic effect burns calories and depletes fat stores.


That’s probably the reason why many diets like the Atkins diet recommends that you eat plenty of protein. But the best type of protein to stick to is the healthier, low fat variety. Such proteins also comes with more health benefits. I would never recommend that you eat only protein to lose fat, rather follow a healthy balanced diet that includes foods from all the food groups.

Top fat burning foods in category:

Lean chicken breast fillet

Fish (hake, salmon, tuna, sardines and such)

Egg whites and whole eggs



Lean Beef

Dairy products

Dairy products has been closely linked to weight loss in numerous studies. A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that dieters who ate a dairy-rich diet lost nearly double the amount of fat and weight than those who didn’t eat dairy.


This gives you plenty of reasons to stock up on lots of dairy products when you are next at the store.


Top fat burning foods in category:

Fat free milk

Fat free cottage cheese

Whey protein powder

Negative calorie foods

According to Dr Caroline M. Shreeve (author of Fat-burner foods), negative calorie food use more calories to break down, digest and assimilate them than they supply. For example a portion of brussel sprouts contains about 50 calories, 70 of which are burned during digestion. This leaves a 20 calorie deficit which will help you lose weight. Just include lots of those negative calorie fat burning food and you will lose weight quicker.

Top fat burning foods in category:

Negative calorie foods mainly include veggies. Snack on those fat burner foods often and you will find that you lose weight easily. Also make sure that half of your plate consists of these fat burner foods.




According to Dr Caroline, here’s a list of the top fat burning foods in the negative calories category:

Brussel sprouts


Aubergine (Eggplant)


Broccoli and Cauliflower






Low GI carbs

Carbs are classed according to the glycaemic index, which reflects their effect on blood glucose levels. Recent studies have shown that consuming foods with a low GI value produces lower levels of circulating glucose and this may result in more fat being burned.


Low GI carbs mainly consists of vegetables, grains and whole-grain breads. Include these healthy carbs into your diet to assist your efforts.

Top fat burning foods in category:

Multi-grain whole-wheat bread

Brown rice and wild rice

Whole grains like couscous and barley

Oats, muesli

Sweet potatoes and potatoes

And other veggies


Basing your diet around these foods that burn fat may speed up your fat loss process. Just remember to stick to your daily caloric requirements if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight.


Control Hunger By Manipulating Appetite Hormones

Can I control hunger by manipulating my appetite hormones?

If you were wondering if you can control your hunger by manipulating your appetite hormones, you are onto something.

There are many hormones that influence your hunger levels and how much weight you lose. The good news is, with the right tips and tricks you can easily manipulate your hunger hormones to control your appetite and fat loss.

Let’s have a look at the main appetite hormones and how you can manipulate them to help you feel fuller and lose more weight.

Appetite hormone #1 – Ghrelin

What it is

Ghrelin is produced in your stomach and it works with your brain to release signals of hunger. When you reduce your calories in an effort to lose weight, your brain releases more ghrelin. And these levels stay elevated for even 12 months after you’ve lost weight. The results of this is that you constantly feel hungry; making weight loss very difficult.

How to manipulate it for your benefit

Intensive, regular exercise decreases ghrelin levels. That’s why people who exercise  regularly often feel less hungry. You can manipulate this appetite hormone by following an intensive, regular exercise program for at least 4 days a week.

Appetite hormone #2 – Adiponectin

What it is

Adiponectin is released by your fat cells and it has numerous benefits. It enhances your muscle’s ability to use carbs for energy. It boosts your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest and lose weight easier. And it also increases the rate of fat breakdown while curbing your appetite.

How to manipulate it for your benefit

The leaner your body is and the less fat you have on your frame, the more Adiponectin will be released. To manipulate it to decrease your hunger and fat stores, you simply needs to get leaner and lose weight.

Appetite hormone #3 – Insulin

What it is

Insulin is very closely linked to starchy carbohydrates like bread and pasta. The more carbs you eat, the more insulin is produced.  When this happens it increases your blood sugar levels and can also  inhibit the breakdown of fat. Increased blood sugar levels leads to hunger and your energy levels peaks and then crashes.

How to manipulate it for your benefit

To optimise insulin for optimal hunger control, you need to watch your carbs intake. You can do this by getting most of your carbs from healthy veggies and fruit. It’s also best to limit your intake of grains and starches to small portions before and after you have exercised.

Appetite hormone #4 – CCK

What is it?

This appetite hormone is released whenever you eat lean protein or fat. It communicates with your nervous system to switch on your satiety switch and helps to slow down the rate of digestion. All of this helps to give off a feeling of fullness.


How to manipulate it for your benefit

Taking advantage of CCK is as easy as making sure that you have lean proteins and healthy fats at each of your meals. Doing so will help to keep you fuller so that you will naturally eat less.


As you’ve seen there are 4 appetite hormones that can help you to control your hunger. Take advantages of those hormones by making sure that you exercise intensely and often, by getting leaner, by eating less carbs and by making sure every meal includes a protein and fat source.