Cooking Light Banana Bread

Light banana is a nutritious, healthy and tasty meal. It uses ingredients that are available almost everywhere and which are affordable to many people. What you need to prepare this meal is one cup of sugar, a quarter cup of softened butter, a cup of smashed very ripe bananas which is equivalent of three small banans, quarter a cup of fat free milk, two eggs, two cups flour, half a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of baking powder and finally quarter a cup of low fat sour cream. Before baking the bread you are advised to preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees.

Combine the sugar and butter and add all the wets which include the milk, the sour cream and eggs into one large bowl.

Beat at medium speed of an electric mixer until well blended. Put the rest ingredients which include the flour and bananas into another bowl and mix until it’s all moistened. Mix all the ingredients and pour it to a greased pan.

You can either divide it to bake four small loaves or you can put into one pan to bake one large bread. Allow the content to bake for forty five to seventy minutes and it will be ready. Allow it to cool for around ten minutes in a pan or on a wire rack. Remove from pan and cool completely on a wire rack.

Loaves should be baked for thirty five minutes and muffins should take only eighteen minutes. This meal is ideal when served for breakfast served with fruits and a cup of tea or milk .this bread is low in cholesterol and therefore can be used by people who are not fun of the regular bread due to issues like weight.

The problem with it is that it has a lot of sugar making it not favorable to people who do not like a lot of sugar. Some chefs bake this bread without butter or oil making it healthier but the taste remains almost the same and it is very hard to differentiate between the two.

This also makes it cheaper to prepare.

How Vitamin D Helps In Weight Loss

Excess weight is a common problem to many people. Gaining weight is very easy but shedding it off is pretty difficult.

It is associated with many conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure among others and that is why everyone wants to shed that extra pound to remain health and to live longer.

People will use all possible means to get rid of excess weight the common methods being exercising and dieting.

Sometimes one hits a weight loss plateau where no matter what you do no weight is lost.

This is very painful and feels like hitting ones head against a hard wall.

Vitamin D recommended for many people who want to loss weight. In many instances, you will find its level is very low for people with excess weight. This is a vitamin that most of us take for granted because it is commonly associated with sun exposure.

Many people tend to think that it is only important to small children.

Vitamin D is known to reduce instances of high blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Low levels of this vitamin in a person prevents loose of weight.

Vitamin D is used by the brain to keep hunger and cravings at bay while at the same time it increases the level of serotonin.

This helps one to keep a check on abnormal cravings and snacking which contribute a lot to weight gain.

Vitamin d in fat cells helps them in figuring out if they need to keep the fat or get rid of it.

It you have a deficiency of these it is likely that your body will store more of these fats making it hard for you to lose weight.

What Do Amino Acids Do?

Amino acids are very essential in the body of a human being. They facilitate the functioning of the body, maintain health and keep your mind happy. What is the function of amino acids? They are the building block of all proteins in the body. Proteins are structural compounds of many human tissues and cells. Cells make hair, bone, glands, body fluids, nails, skin, ligaments, tendons and other vital tissues.

You have realized how amino acids are essential in your body. They help regulation of all functioning of the body by facilitating proper working of body metabolism. It is true that if your body lacks amino acids, it will not make proteins which is very fatal and may lead to death or very acute illness.

Amino acids are found in two types; non-essential and essential. Non essential amino acids are produced by the body and consumed internally while essential cannot be produced by the body and hence should be taken externally from rich sources.

Amino acids are very essential especially during healing of the body and growth like during breast feeding, healing, pregnancy, weight loss, infancy and while recovering from any burn. They have also been used for very many therapeutic importance which include; reduction of pain, treating of arthritis, decreasing depression, and increasing of sperm count among others. The most important thing to note is that without amino acids you cannot live, because they make proteins which are structural compounds of muscles, tissues and bones.

How to improve your health and happiness dramatically

May be you are thinking of purchasing a supplement of amino acids. If so, you should remember not to purchase a supplement with only amino acids. It should have a combination of other useful nutrients like mineral salts, antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamins among others. This increases absorption and other health benefits in our body.

The amount of these supplements you need depend on gender, type of training and body weight. The best source of amino acids is the diet but if it doesn’t supply the body with sufficient amino acids then go for the supplements. Protein powder if a good supplement s it is made up of amino acids; but there other times like high stress, when you are advised to take direct supplement of amino acids. Unlike protein supplements, amino acids can be absorbed without any process of digestions, thus preferred fatal cases.

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How Much Sodium Should You Consume Per Day?

Sodium, unlike other minerals, has a distinct and appealing taste.
It is commonly found in table salt, which is 40% sodium.
The other portion of table salt is made of chloride.
Sodium plays a huge role in leading a healthy lifestyle.
People that don’t consume enough sodium in their diet on a daily basis won’t be able to maintain healthy fluid levels and it may have a negative impact on the way muscles is functioning.
On the other hand, a consumption of too much sodium every day will put you at risk for kidney disease, high blood pressure, and there is a chance that your body may even experience an inability to properly absorb the sodium you consume.

The recommended intake of sodium is 2000 mg per day.
Reducing your sodium intake can be easily achieved by eating less of the following foods:

  •      Salty and Smoke Fish (anchovies, caviar, dried fish, smoked salmon, sardines, herring)
  •      Snack/Junk Food (potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, salted nuts, crackers)
  •      Condiments (season salts, Worcestershire, soy, barbecue, ketchup, mustard, teriyaki, mustard)
  •      Cheese
  •      Salad Dressing
  •      Low-fat milk
  •      Soups (canned or instant)

You should also check the labels before purchasing canned items to make sure they do not contain added salt.
Look for organic, all-natural and salt-free options when buying vegetables and tomato sauces that are packaged.