Five Steps to Repairing Damaged Hair

Everybody especially women adores their hair and it really affects them when it is damaged, looks dry and is splitting every time they comb.

You can get confused with the many products, potions, proteins and deep conditioners advertised all over for treating damaged hair. The common signs of damaged hair are split ends, tangles, sun damage and broken brittle pieces.

Many think that their hair is very strong and cannot be damaged by things like exposure to sunlight for a long time, hair driers, flat irons and even daily brushing.

Repairing of damaged hair takes some time because you need to develop these routines but with time and being consistent, you will eventually achieve the look that you have always dreamt of.

The first thing is stopping whatever is causing it.

There are many causes of dryness in hair. Some of these reasons maybe frequent blow drying or staying in the sun too long. Do your research and know what is damaging your hair and stop it.

Other things may be straightening it every day which makes the natural oils to sizzle out of the hair.

The other thing after you have stopped doing whatever is causing damage to your hair is trying to fix problem.

Light weight products that are not oil based are recommended.

Products with a lot of oil make the hair look greasy.

There are several hair sprays available in the market which are also said to be very effective in repairing damaged hair and which are very affordable. One of these sprays is dove hair spray and moisturizer which is sold at five dollars and is available in local pharmacies. Use of the spray two to three times a day is said to result to a shimmer and stronger hair.

Another thing is to stop frequent shampooing of the hair. This is said to be among the major causes of damages in hair.

Shampooing of the hair is essential to keep the hair clean and it should be done once in a week or at most after every three days.

One is also advised to avoid regular brushes when brushing the hair. A wider toothed brush should be used instead and is available in pharmacies at a price of one dollar. One more thing that one should avoid is use of hair elastics and if you have to use one, get a big poofy one that have fabric over it.