Iron Deficiency Causes Fatigue

About 9 percent of women suffer from an iron deficiency, according to the most recent stats from National Center for Health Statistics.


The body uses iron to make hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen. When you don’t have enough healthy blood cells, you start to feel exhausted.

Difficulty Focusing

Neurotransmitter synthesis may be altered in people with an iron deficiency, leading to lower-than-normal functionality.

Another byproduct of that altered neurotransmitter synthesis? Apathy toward anything and everything—friends, family, work.

Unusually Pale Skin
Look like a Twilight extra lately? That’s not a good sign. “A washed-out appearance can be caused by reduced blood flow and decreased number of red blood cells,” says Mueller.

Brittle Nails
a concave or spoon-shaped depression in the nails.

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Five Steps to Repairing Damaged Hair

Everybody especially women adores their hair and it really affects them when it is damaged, looks dry and is splitting every time they comb.

You can get confused with the many products, potions, proteins and deep conditioners advertised all over for treating damaged hair. The common signs of damaged hair are split ends, tangles, sun damage and broken brittle pieces.

Many think that their hair is very strong and cannot be damaged by things like exposure to sunlight for a long time, hair driers, flat irons and even daily brushing.

Repairing of damaged hair takes some time because you need to develop these routines but with time and being consistent, you will eventually achieve the look that you have always dreamt of.

The first thing is stopping whatever is causing it.

There are many causes of dryness in hair. Some of these reasons maybe frequent blow drying or staying in the sun too long. Do your research and know what is damaging your hair and stop it.

Other things may be straightening it every day which makes the natural oils to sizzle out of the hair.

The other thing after you have stopped doing whatever is causing damage to your hair is trying to fix problem.

Light weight products that are not oil based are recommended.

Products with a lot of oil make the hair look greasy.

There are several hair sprays available in the market which are also said to be very effective in repairing damaged hair and which are very affordable. One of these sprays is dove hair spray and moisturizer which is sold at five dollars and is available in local pharmacies. Use of the spray two to three times a day is said to result to a shimmer and stronger hair.

Another thing is to stop frequent shampooing of the hair. This is said to be among the major causes of damages in hair.

Shampooing of the hair is essential to keep the hair clean and it should be done once in a week or at most after every three days.

One is also advised to avoid regular brushes when brushing the hair. A wider toothed brush should be used instead and is available in pharmacies at a price of one dollar. One more thing that one should avoid is use of hair elastics and if you have to use one, get a big poofy one that have fabric over it.

Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer results from abnormal growth of the cells in the liver.

It is said to be the third most common type of cancer in the world.

Most people suffering from this will die within the first year of diagnosis.

This is different from other types of cancers such as breast cancer which patients can stay with for a longer period going up to a number of years .

This has caused the question of the signs and symptoms of this cancer very common among many people because treatment is only possible if it is diagnosed at an early stage.

People with chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus or hemochromotisis are said to be at the greatest risk of developing this cancer.

Other conditions such as obesity or diabetes also increase its risk.

People with all the above named conditions should avoid alcohol because it increases the chances of this cancer.

The biggest problem with this cancer is that its early signs are hardly noticeable. Symptoms leading to its diagnosis develop later when its already at an advanced stage and difficult to treat.

Screening is therefore recommended to help in diagnosing it even when no symptoms are showing.

The common sign at this stage is a tumor.

Abnormal pain is also common which signifies the tumor is already large and the cancer is advanced.

Weight loss and fevers that come and go is a common sign of liver cancer especially in patients with cirrhosis.

A sudden onset of a complication in a person who has had cirrhosis and whose condition has been stable could be sending signs of a possibility of liver cancer. During examination, an uncommonly large liver is the first sign of liver cancer.

Jaundice and muscle wasting can also be observed which would mean a poor prognosis.

Other common signs with liver cancer include loss of appetite, upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, general weakness and fatigue abdominal swelling and white chalky stool.

All You Need to Know About Work Related Injuries

According to a new report published by labour employment research association there is a downfall in the work related injuries in recent years because of the latest office equipment.

work related injury

Research published by Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Safety and Health says that nearly 15 workers die and 200 workers are hospitalized from shocking injuries each day. Employees apply for medical claims when they met with injuries during office timings. Most people are not aware regarding the procedures and laws that have to be followed.

To avoid the medical uncertainties you need to know few employ related laws regarding work related injuries.

Many employees are offered incorrect information which may not be sufficient to meet their medical requirements.

Common causes of work related problems include manual handling of heavy loads, inadequate safety training and clothing, poor ergonomics, long hair or jewellery that becomes struck in machinery, exposure to general hazards, misuse or failure of equipment. As the technology has increased over the years, ways to prevent the damages have also increased simultaneously.

There are many prevention methods available such as control banding, safety training, and anticipation of damages by risk management, mechanisms of safety barriers and machinery, protective equipment safety guards.

Prevention is better than cure, so you have to take all the precautionary measures beforehand to prevent major damages.

When you hit with any injury, your mind will be puzzled with many questions which may put you in dilemma such as how to get treatment? Where to go? How to clear the medical bills? Reporting to your employer is the first duty when you hit with work related injury.

You should also inform the impact of damage. Ask your employer for incident report to note down all the information related to your injury. You can even consult state department of labour for first report of injury which is very important for future references and medical claims. Most bankers and insurance providers ask for first information report to start your medical claim process. If you are not able to find incident report and first information report, you can put your job provider on notice regarding your damage. You should also inform the seriousness of injury to you insurer.

You have to get the treatment as soon as possible to make your medical claim process easier. If you delay the treatment, obviously your insurer and employer may delay your medical claims. Make sure you are hiring a qualified and professional lawyer to fight against your employer, if he denies your medical claims.

You have to hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable in worker’s compensation.

You have to take the best health insurance plan to assist you in unforeseen situations. When you hit with work related injuries, you can contact your health insurer for medical claim with incident report. If you have any personal loan from your existing bank, make sure you are getting along with payment protection insurance.

If you are injured or out of job, PPI claims will get activated to allocate compensation.

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