Best Shoulder Exercises Using Dumbbells

Most men have a need for robust shoulders thereby leading to the desire to learn about the top five best shoulder exercises.

The importance of sturdy shoulders is seen among athletes, perhaps, more than any other group of people.

Any exercises on the shoulders, is usually targeted at the muscles known as deltoids.

These are the main shoulder muscles which all exercises should be geared towards building and enhancing.

The fact that these shoulder muscles respond very well to any workout that is focused entirely on it makes these exercises all the more attractive.

The top 5 best shoulder exercises are those which target all the three areas of these muscles; the posterior, anterior and medial areas of these deltoid muscles.

These exercises will require you to go to the gym since the tools used to target them are found there.

Some of the finest exercises in this regard include:

  • Barbell upright row
  • bent over lateral raise
  • Dumbbell side raise
  • Bent over rows
  • standing military press

Barbell upright row is listed as one of the top 5 finest shoulder exercises since it focuses on strengthening all the three important areas of the muscles in this part within the body.

It is significant to grip the upright rows as narrowly as is possible. The bar needs to be pulled up as close to the chin as is possible.

While doing this, you need to make sure that your elbows have been flared out as widely as is possible. Do these exercises repeatedly in order to develop the muscles properly.

Experts believe that the EZ bars are to be used here rather than their straight counterparts.

Dumbbell side raises are known to have the foremost effect on the medial deltoids, and this is what makes them make the list of the top 5five best shoulder exercises. The main benefit that you will derive from this exercise is that your shoulders will be broadened.

This exercise is known by another name as well, side lateral raise. In this method, you lift two dumbbells from the sides of your body until they reach the shoulder height.

You need to use dumbbells that are easy to carry. Once you lift them to your shoulder height, lower them to their original position and repeat this.

If you are in need of a top 5five best shoulder exercise which targets the posterior deltoids and the surrounding muscles, the bent over lateral raise will do wonders.

This exercise is known as bent-over rows as well. Under this exercise, you should be seated down and ensure that your chest rest on the knees.

The dumbbells are to be lifted just from under your thighs and raised until they are in the same line as the shoulder.

Bent over rows can be done with barbells while standing although bent over, as the name suggests.

Raise the barbells up to your chest.

The advantage of using the bent-over rows exercise is that it not only develops your shoulders but focuses on the triceps and forearms as well. While doing this exercise, you have to take care and ensure that your back is not only straight, but is kept tensed throughout these sessions.

You need to observe the weights of the barbells. Too much weight may cause havoc on your back and shoulders.

If you pay a lot of attention on your anterior deltoids and ignore the posterior, you develop postural problems. Bent over rows and bent over lateral raise help balance your muscles.


The standing military press is listed as another top 5five best shoulder exercise, although a lot of care is recommended when carrying it out. It is advisable to pay close attention to the weights of the equipments used in these exercises. It is best not to lift heavy weights, which are above and beyond what you can carry with ease. After all, these exercises are designed to make your shoulder strong and free of injuries. If you use heavy weights, you stand the chance of making them prone to injury or making them open to attack from the forces of wear thus unable to move.

The standing military press needs the barbells to be used behind the head.

These should then be raised over the head in a method referred to as clean and press. If you have had previous shoulder injuries, you need to take care that the injury does not recur. If you try this out the first time and appear to be struggling, it is advisable to remove some of the weight from the bar.

In case you suffered previous shoulder injuries, it is best to carry this exercise with the barbells in front of your face, rather than behind your head.

Your safety is paramount in these exercises.

All the top 5five best shoulder exercises should be done in sets of six thrice during every session. You should make sure that you do not swing the barbells or the dumbbells during these exercise sessions as this will mean that you are using the moment of the weights, and your muscles are not getting the requisite training which they need to develop them.

If you feel that your back needs to rest while doing some of these exercises, such as the standing military press, you should sit down.

It is crucial not to aggravate or put yourself at risk of suffering any more injury to your body.

Dumbbell shrugs are considered to be effective shoulder exercises as well. This simply involves you lifting some barbells or dumbbells on the side of your body and then shrugging your shoulders continuously. The dumbbells used here should be those which are the heaviest in the gym and need to be raised at arm’s length along the sides of your body, on either side. It is advisable that you do not rotate the joint. Simply lift and drop your shoulders continuously.

This exercise produces greater results where you go for as many reps as you are able to manage.

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