Iron Deficiency Causes Fatigue

About 9 percent of women suffer from an iron deficiency, according to the most recent stats from National Center for Health Statistics.


The body uses iron to make hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen. When you don’t have enough healthy blood cells, you start to feel exhausted.

Difficulty Focusing

Neurotransmitter synthesis may be altered in people with an iron deficiency, leading to lower-than-normal functionality.

Another byproduct of that altered neurotransmitter synthesis? Apathy toward anything and everything—friends, family, work.

Unusually Pale Skin
Look like a Twilight extra lately? That’s not a good sign. “A washed-out appearance can be caused by reduced blood flow and decreased number of red blood cells,” says Mueller.

Brittle Nails
a concave or spoon-shaped depression in the nails.

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